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Lemurian Essences
are the highly energetic new generation of flower essences

that contain the energy of one or more flowers, gemstone energy, symbol forces,
the vibration of healing chants, and especially one specific Lemurian creation energy.

Lemurian creation energy
lets us breathe, come to their senses, shake off the semblance in favor of our very own being.
It helps us to grasp the inner sense to make room for the essentials
and to distinguish the light on our true path
from all the colorful frenzy of flashing lights of our present time.

Orders can be placed per email at info@Lemurische-Essenzen.de
46 Baobab Travel.
Explore the worlds

and grow!
45 Hoba Focus.
Any attempt at distraction
only intensifies my focus
on happieness.
44 Panta_Rhei
Everything flows.
All the forces of creation
work together.
43 Waverider
Daisies In times of storm
recognize the inner hold.
Learning to sail
on the all-flooding wave
with the wind of change
to new heights.
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42 Valerian Valerian Protection from manipulation
from all levels, including your own.
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41 Oleander

Detection of own projections.
Everything depends on
how we see things,
and not on how they are.
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40 Pyramid_of_the_sun
Release of the pineal gland.
Contact to the Worlds.
For the spreading of Lemurian Light
into all the Worlds.
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39    Eagle
Spread your wings
and rise
above the world of illusion!
Perceive! Perceive!
For the unconditioned knowing of the essence (the Sein).
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38 Amber
The Universe loves you!
All power is in you!
Supports trauma resolution.
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37 Mother
The Divine Mother
loves you!
Helps to address abuse issues.
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36 Magnolia

There is nothing to forgive.
I do everything as best I can.
You do everything as well as you can.
Everybody does everything as well as they are capable now.
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35  abundance_of_vibration
Overflowing abundance
is the sound of the universe.
We bathe in boundlessness.
Fulness originates
in our hearts
and blesses the world.
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34    Lavender
Recognize the
essence of dreaming

and bring it into the world.
I open up to the potential of
creative solutions.
I welcome surprises
and recognize the forces underlying.
My dreams brighten my way.
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33 Breath
For breathing
and sublime joy.

Breathe freely
the pure life force!
Supporter of purification.
Disengagement from unusable and obstacles on all levels.
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 32  Magenta
While I respect
the boundaries of others,
I honour them,
by respecting my limits,
I honour myself.
By keeping my boundaries, I constantly remain in safeness and I am free to open to life's flow again.     
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 31  Lemurian_Sunrise
A new day is dawning
and awakens the
strength of my heart.

Lemurian Sunrise helps us to recognize that each day, each moment carries the power to let bygones be bygones and to proceed decisively with newly aligned awareness.
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 30  Lemurian_Rose
Peace within me
is the beginning
of peace in the world.

By consciously perceiving peace in our hearts and radiating it in our environment,
we make our most important contribution to peace in the world.
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29 Community
Common progressing
in profound communion
with all that is.
Every kind of separative thinking is illusion. Infinite love is the only truth.
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28 Now,_and_here!
See the perfection
in everything!

Nervine support.
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27 The_Deepness.
Deep insight
into the nature of Mother Earth
and our interconnectedness
with the cosmos.

We experience deep oneness with Mother Earth and Father cosmos.
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26 Truth
Pure truth
in the light.
Raising the veil.
Supports us to follow our idea of the existence of light behind the curtain;
the veils of illusion are thinning.
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25 Shiva_Shambo
I thank the illness
for the lessons that it has tought,
for the deeper insight,
it has allowed me
and I welcome the health -
wiser than before.
Thank you!

Identify the real causes of disease, honour them and release them with love.
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24 Lightness_of_Being
Regard and respect for the
divine being who I am.

Deep inner peace
in the consciousness
of my cosmic size.

Severity may dissolve,
I'm allright, just as I am.
I spread my wings and rise above the storm - into the all overviewing calmness.
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23 Fire_of_Wisdom
The fire of wisdom -
the wisdom of  fire.

Protection of the
inner flame of wisdom.

Orientation finding.
Ascending of our innate wisdom
(not learned knowledge),
is our main purpose. It shows us our own personal path.
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22 Crystal_Clear
The promise.
The blessing.
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21 Silver
Releases from constraints,
frees the heart.

Heart guardian.
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20 Charoite
Helps to relieve
of ingrained and
secretly affecting sorrow.

Openness, dispute resolution,
balance, harmonisation.
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19 Mother-of-Pearl
Gaining trust into the
rightfulness and goodness
of one's own power.
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18 Turquoise
I see me!

Beauty walks within me,
all around me,
and on all my paths.

Energy protector.
When we overspend ourselves, Turquoise immediately brings back our energy.
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17 Reset
I take the liberty
now to love again!

We honour our past as a fertile soil for our life experience and as a basis for the - here and now any time possible - completely free development of our heart's force.
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16 Light_of_Cognition
Deep purification
within the light of cognition.

Bringing light into our cells.
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15 Abalone
Powerful radiance -
radiant power!

Helps to let love into your life and to give love.
Regeneration supporter.
Powerfull support for all kinds of exhaustion.
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14 Gold
step into oneness.

Transforms halting energy in all aspects of life into a bubbling mountain stream.
Supports the development of our consciousness.
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13 Sapphire_Blue
A moment of pause, of gathering
in your very core,
to then radiate like fireworks
in the light of your own being.

Superfluous, energy-sapping activities on the outside can be recognised as aberrations or distractions from the essentials; deep calm allows return to your own inner strength and wisdom, it opens new opportunities resulting from real inexhaustible force.
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12 Christmas_Rose
Pure intention,
in the sense of:
“With a pure heart”,
concentration onto
Pure Being,
everything else
is just peeled away.

Heart purification supporter.
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11 Creators_of_the_New_Age
Powerful emergence
into the New Age, unwavering progress, clear presence and perseverance.
The New Age
begins   n o w !
An essence for those who bear this force, further it, evolve and live it.

Progress supporter.
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10 Chicory
For the inner expanse
and the broad and far vision.

Blockages in the action level (throat chakra) or the vision level (brow chakra) dissolve into the power of our unlimited expansion.
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9 Meadow_Flowers
Intensifies the perception
of the crown chakra.

Experience the purity of the perception of the crown chakra as a basis for the understanding of our connectedness with all that is.
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8 Ambrosia

For the hearing
on all levels of being.

Eases communication.

Perception coach.
Draws attention to listening (even within) as a prerequisite for true communication.
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7 Sun_of_Avalon
The sun rises
and chases away
the dark clouds.

Mood elevator.
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6 Light_of_Avalon
Reconnection with your
light of Avalon.
Purification and development of perception on all levels.
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5 Lemurian_Touch
Brings deep peace
into your heart!

Opener of the gates to the heart.
Powerful and gentle touch makes the depth of the heart perceptable again;
long closed spaces experience curative attention.
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4 White_Orchid
Purity, clarity,
and immersing
into a new way.

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3 October_Rose

Awakening, as if from a long sleep, and the subsequent readiness, to see clearly now and to perceive everything. 

It is a very quiet moment of pure grace. What follows is openness to everything - to new ventures and content or also to a great calmness and the mere perception of all possibilities and of all that is.

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2 Wild Mallow
The consoling embrace.
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1 Wild_Carrot
The clear view
of the essentials.

Orders can be placed
 here per e-mail:


20 ml = 21 €
(105 €/100 ml)

Application bottles:
30 ml = 9 €
(30 €/100 ml)
50 ml = 13,50 €
(27 €/100 ml)
plus shipping costs.
The shipping costs depend on
the quantity ordered,
shipping by
Deutsche Bundespost (dhl).

In case you live in a country
outside the European Union,
import tax occurs.

Auraspray, for external use only.
Contains according to label: potentiated mother essence, water and vodka for preservation.

Lemurian essences contain alcohol, so:
Do not spray into your eyes!
Close your eyes and cover them with your hand while applying near the head!
Keep away from children
and animals!

Lemurian Essences application bottles are supplied in
pump spray bottles
of purple glass (Mironglass)
with a  package leaflet.
Stockbottles are 20-ml-purple glass bottles with a dropper
with a  package leaflet.
By placing an order
you accept the terms and conditions.

When ordering larger quantities
discount can be granted,
for resellers as well.

Lemurian Essences are no medicines
 and should not replace
treatments or
deemed necessary by
your doctor
or medical practitioner.