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      Lemurian Essences

Lemurian Essences are the highly energetic new generation of flower essences that contain the energy
of one or more flowers, gemstone energy, symbol forces, the vibration of healing chants, and especially one specific Lemurian creation energy.
                                Lemurian creation energy
lets us breathe, come to their senses,
shake off the semblance
in favor of our very own being.
It helps us to grasp the inner sense
to make room for the essentials
and to distinguish the light on our true path
from all the colorful frenzy of flashing lights of our present time.

German Version

Karin's Healing Tones
are nonverbal chants and tones that have a very profound effect on us and transfer healing energy to the respective current topic.
In addition, they always help us to take a step towards awareness.